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Hex Empire 3

2012-03-02 10:20:13 by uun

Long awaited Hex Empire 3 is now under development, with all the features you've ever wanted! Read all the details and support the game on www.indiegogo.com/Hex-Empire-3.

The (early) teaser:

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If you don't know Hex Empire play the classic version here on Newgrounds: www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/486811


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2012-03-18 12:27:19

FIRST! I loved Hex Empire 1, but you trashed it in Hex Empire 2; (which I hope you used as a learning experience). The only thing keeping me from hating Hex Empire is I know you would be able to get back on track. You can read my reviews on the first two games for more detail on my thoughts. I think your new ideas are epic and would bring Hex Empire back on the front page. What I noticed is that a lot of new stuff suggest by the players. I'm taking this as a good sign that you are doing your very best to make a game that is the most fun for the most players. Overall I hope you get back to the core game-play, while adding the new stuff you and us (the fans) hope for in the new game.


2012-04-01 01:13:31

... O_O i am going to support this, seems really good. =3 so here is 100 for you ^-^ I am also going to contribute some when i get my tax return. =3 good luck on finishing this ^-^ I hope it turns out better then the first =3


2013-07-04 11:15:10

Help Us to Support the World on Fire..LOL...love this game... :-D